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(yä`nōs), Spanish-American term for prairies, specifically those of the Orinoco River basin of N South America, in Venezuela and E Colombia. The llanos of the Orinoco are a vast, hot region of rolling savanna broken by low-lying mesas, scrub forest, and scattered palms. Elevation above sea level never reaches more than a few hundred feet. During the dry season (November to April) the land is sear, the grass brown, brittle, and inedible; during the rainy season much of the area is inundated. The region is subject to insect plagues. The sparsely populated llanos support a pastoral economy; cattle raising is dominant. With flood control and water storage projects in the region, sections of the llanos have been turned into fertile agricultural land. Oil has been found there. Ciudad Bolívar and San Fernando de Apure are the chief cities of the region. The llanero, an expert horseman comparable to the gaucho of the Argentine pampas, is of mixed Spanish, indigenous, and black African stock. The llanero has played an important role in Venezuelan history as an ardent henchman of successive revolutionary caudillos, notably José Antonio PáezPáez, José Antonio
, 1790–1873, Venezuelan revolutionist, president, and caudillo. He boldly led (1810–19) a band of llaneros [plainsmen] in skillful guerrilla warfare against the Spanish, aided Simón Bolívar at the battle of
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(1) The name of some plains areas in regions of Spanish colonization, such as Llano Estacado in the USA and Llanos del Orinoco and Llanos de Mojos in South America.

(2) A type of savanna, mainly of high grass, in the Orinoco plains. The grass is dense, and there are individual trees or groups of trees (usually the Mauritia palm). There are fringing forests along the rivers. The name “llano” is sometimes also used in referring to other herbaceous (grassy) formations in South America.

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In the second week of June, the company spudded the Jacana 3 appraisal well and is expected to continue with the drilling of the Jacana 4 well in the Llanos 34 Block under its 2016 drilling programme.
They are implicated in multiple homicides and a network of important narco-paramilitarism," said Venezuelan Interior and Justice Minister Tareck El Aissami The family of Martin Llanos were commanders and founding members of paramilitary group the ACC, a group of the now-demobilized paramilitary umbrella organization AUC.
The Estrada ranch is one of many that blanket the llanos, but it carries an unusual distinction: It was nicknamed after Dona Barbara, one of Latin America's literary classics.
After spending months crossing the thick southern rainforest of the Orinoco, German naturalist Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859) commented that the immense horizons of the llanos were a welcome sight.
To understand about Llanos basin being the most important heavy oil basin in Colombia
GeoPark stated that it operates the Llanos 34 Block with a 45% working interest.
Open Solutions' technical expertise is outstanding," said Llanos.
The adjacent Llanos 62 is an exploration block which has no proved oil and gas production or reserves to date but is currently undergoing a 110 square kilometre 3D seismic survey.
Solana also holds rights to earn a 50% interest in the 126,000-acre Cano Caranal Association Contract, also in the Llanos Basin of Colombia, where seismic permitting has been completed and the seismic survey is anticipated to begin early next month in order to define a number of large structures for possible drilling.
Oil and gas company Apco Oil and Gas International Inc (Nasdaq:APAGF) said on Friday that it has secured the Llanos 40 block in southwestern Colombia's Llanos basin under the Colombian Open Bid Round 2010.
The Cao Caranal Block is also located in the Llanos Basin of Colombia and contains numerous seismically-defined leads and prospects for possible future drilling.
1 discovery in the Tapir Association Contract Block in the Eastern Llanos Basin of Colombia.