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load line

[′lōd ‚līn]
A straight line drawn across a series of tube or transistor characteristic curves to show how output signal current will change with input signal voltage when a specified load resistance is used.
(naval architecture)
A line, painted or cut on the outside of a ship, which marks the maximum waterline when the ship is loaded with the greatest cargo which it can carry safely.
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Load Line


the symbol of maximum draft; placed amidships on both sides of the hulls of oceangoing vessels. Acircular symbol with a horizontal line passing through its center shows the maximum draft for seawater (in the temperate zone in the summer), and a series of horizontal lines indicates the various drafts for ocean or river waters and for various times of the year and regions of navigation. The deck line is placed above the load line.

The height of the load line is based on an established minimum freeboard, which is regulated by an international convention (1966) or by national rules, depending on the purpose, size and structural peculiarities of the vessel and is attested to by a certificate issued by a classification organization. To reduce the registered tonnage when shipping cargo with a high ratio, a tonnage mark may be shown below the second deck of an oceangoing freight vessel; the mark is an equilateral triangle whose apex touches a stepped horizontal line indicating the maximum draft in salt and fresh water.


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At the fundamental frequency of operation, a 50 + j0 ohm load line is presented to the device.
This result is expected since it causes the device to operate with a load line from resistive to tuned[1] (that is, the second harmonic signal is terminated from a resistance to a reactance).
'The Philippines' accession to Load Lines Convention will demonstrate our country's commitment in ensuring the safety of ships and preventing accidents that could lead to massive loss of life and serious damage to the marine environment through oil spills,' she added.
1) the device's internal current source sees [Z.sub.L] [n] directly across it for the purposes of constructing the load line (Figure 1a), [C.sub.ds] and any drain inductance have been absorbed into [Z.sub.L] [n];
First, determine the device output power along with the magnitude of the control voltage ~V~ needed to produce the output waveforms (Figure 1a) based on a load line superimposed on the device static I-V curves.
After analyzing the circuit of Figure 4 with Super Compact, the user is required manually to plug the results ([Z.sub.11] and [Z.sub.21]) along with [~V~.sub.0-p], determined from the load line, into Equation 7 to get the input power.
The RF output power of a device is proportional to the [Delta] I X [Delta] V product, as determined from the load line.[1] If the output resistance [r.sub.ds] is reduced from infinity to a value comparable to the load resistance [R.sub.L], the output voltage and current swings will be reduced, reducing the output power.
Selecting the load line is one of the most important steps in the design process.
From the load line of Figure 7, [~V~.sub.0-p] = 0.45, and from Super Compact, ~[Z.sub.21]~ = 3.36, Re[[Z.sub.11]] = 2.43.
For the parasitic less device considered up to this point, the 180 [degrees] phase condition is met by using a purely real, load impedance [R.sub.L], and the magnitude condition is met by choosing the optimum load line illustrated in Figure 4, for the simple, constant gm, class A amplifier case.
Notes (13)The term load line refers to a plot of the instanteous drain source current vs.