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In recent years, a modified version of Arcan specimen has been made for the mixed-mode fracture test of adhesively bonded joints, which allows pure mode-I, pure mode-II, and almost any combination of mode-I and mode-II loading to be tested using the same test specimen configuration [11-14], However, the modified Arcan fixture also has some limitations including asymmetry in its structure that leads to an unwanted third mode in the experiments as well as limitations on the loading angle intervals [15, 16].
It should be highlighted that the orthotropic axes rotation under uniaxial off-axis tension in addition to the second pre-strain magnitude also depends on the loading angle ([psi]).
a is the loading angle for the mixed mode test [18].
The height of the pulley determined the cuff loading angle of 45[degrees] to the humeral shaft.
It features a 6degree loading angle and a 14-degree dumping angle making it suitable as a general purpose trailer, or for the easy loading and off-loading of non-operating equipment--particularly pieces with lower ground clearance.
We kick off with the obligatory visit to the supermarket, where it's my job to test drive the trolley and supposedly position it at a convenient loading angle for she who will be obeyed.
Because the Retriever's deck is curved and hinged, a loading angle of 10.
8a shows that the tensile toughness of HDPE-1 decreases as the loading rate increases only when the loading angle is larger than 60[degrees].
The trailers feature four-beam frame design with a longer beavertail that reduces the loading angle.
Landoll's beavertail trailers feature four-beam frame design with a longer beavertail that reduces the loading angle.
This means changing loading angles, tempo, and amount of load by using weights; fascial elasticity is also best achieved using whole-body movements that activate whole myofascial chains.
The IDB-HD series trailer features a double-break beavertail for lower loading angles and an equalizer self-leveling system for level loading and transportation.