loading platform

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loading platform, loading dock

1. An elevated platform at the shipping or delivery door of a building or adjacent to the stage of a theater; usually at the same height as the floor of a motor truck or railroad car to facilitate loading or unloading.
2. A platform on a theater stage for storing counterweights, 2.
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So far, the Thorworld loading platform has served us faultlessly," confirms Mik Vallas.
One of the firm's structural engineers, Lasse Madsen, designed the access trestle, which houses pipelines for liquid and also enables vehicles to access the loading platform from the shore.
Navy and Coast Guard forces also protect the offshore loading platforms that are used to export Iraqi oil by ship through the Persian Gulf.
Easilift's system - including solid steel scissor lift and 6,000kg loading platform - was fitted at TIC's premises in Sheffield and took under two days to install.
The firm immediately designed and constructed a loading platform to prevent it happening again.
Carbis developed an integrated modular system that would enable the company to design, build, and then install the entire loading platform, and thereby simplify and speed construction.
There is also a replaceable step pad, which allows the bumper to be used as a loading platform.
In addition to its large floor-plates, other unusual features of the building include a 200-car garage on the second floor that serves tenants as well as their guests; a 150,000-square-foot ground floor with 25-foot high ceiling heights; elevators that can carry 29-foot long trucks directly to individual loading bays on every floor; a private driveway leading to a loading platform that features its own private elevator; unmatched shipping, loading and distribution facilities; and an on-site restaurant and cafeteria.
Lot 1: a four-wheel equipment rack with loading platform, winter service equipment (spreader and snow plow) and body equipment low pressure casting plant.
A loading platform system designed and built by Thorworld Industries has increased efficiency at Solstor UK, which operates a temperature controlled supply chain network for the food industry.