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Indeed, one could make the claim that no understanding of American foreign-policy decision making is possible without understanding the role of lobbies and interest groups.
But they could not withstand the ubiquitous pressure brought to bear by a thousand persistent lobbies, each of which argued - usually with some justice - that eliminating this or that program would cause hardship for some group while leaving other groups unscathed.
Mandatory elevator lobbies in high-rise buildings have been extensively debated during the current NFPA code development cycle.
In these and other ways, ethnic lobbies are of real value.
There are constraints on the speed of its growth, such as the scarcity of politicians' time and attention; and some particular lobbies will stagnate or contract or disappear altogether, as presumably, buggy-whip lobbies have done.
that keeps the lobbies circling past the toll booth, dropping in campaign contributions as they go.
In new construction and renovation projects alike, building owners who value tenants recognize - and are acting on - the increasingly important role building lobbies play in tenant space: More than just a point of entry, spectacular lobbies are quickly giving new life to old properties and a clear advantage for new properties in the most competitive real estate game.
seeks to highlight the enormous talent of original artwork being created in Long Island City while at the same time offering potential office tenants an exciting new building amenity in their lobbies, adding cachet to the lobbies of office buildings with office space available for lease, notes Edward Aretz, Esq.
League of Savings Institutions, one of the country's most powerful lobbies.
Political lobbies and do-good groups like The United Way have traditionally operated under two completely distinct tax codes, each of which has one big pro and one big con.
The walls of the lobbies will be covered in fabric wrapped horizontal "rusticated" panels.
Credit one of Washington's most powerful lobbies and one that typically escapes the press's notice: the press itself.