local bus

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local bus

A bus connecting a processor to memory, usually on the same circuit board as opposed to a backplane and therefore faster.

Various proprietary local busses for personal computers are still in use. The most common are Vesa local bus (VLB or VL), and Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI). Some computers, e.g. notebook computers, use a local bus with no expansion slots. Previous non-local bus standards include ISA, EISA and MCA.

local bus

Also called the "system bus," a local bus is the pathway between the CPU, memory and peripheral controller chips. The term was popular in the early 1990s with the introduction of the VESA local bus (see VL-bus). See bus and PC data buses.

Local Bus
Peripheral controller cards plug into slots on the local bus.

BUS SPEED COMPARISON          Width  Speed  Total Data          Width  Speed  RateBus type  (bits) (MHz)  (MB/Sec)

  ISA       16      8     16

  EISA      32      8     32

  VL-bus    32     25    100

  VL-bus    32     33    132

  PCI       32     33    132

  PCI       64     33    264

  PCIe      Serial       250 per lane
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