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Indeed, the existing M4 north of Newport wasn't built as a motorway; it was a local bypass with five junctions serving Newport.
It brought it home when I spotted one on my local bypass and realised how long it was since I had seen a Nova.
The local bypass response group is also actively working on an action plan to respond to the challenges and opportunities facing the area and to maximise the economic benefits in light of the bypass development.
Mr Ellis, of Thetford, Norfolk, went to the rescue after an Escort belonging to his daughter's boyfriend broke down on a local bypass in 1998.
A former Midland MP who died last year is to be remembered thanks to part of a local bypass being named after him.
Congressman John Dingell in mid-1987 that AT&T follows a no local bypass policy and that its plans "always include local telephone company access when designing private networks." In his August 7, 1987 letter to U.S.
Once this occurs, you send incorrect economic signals because of the encouragement for local bypass.
Gwynedd and other councils use the same process for local bypass roads.