local exchange carrier

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local exchange carrier

(LEC) A company allowed to handle local calls following the break-up of the Bell system in the US by anti-trust regulators. These vary from Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOC) through to small independents such as Farmers Cooperative.

Local exchange carriers are not allowed to handle long-distance traffic. This is handled by inter-exchange carriers (IXC) who are not allowed to handle local calls.
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(1) (LAN Emulation Client) A software driver that provides LAN emulation (LANE) in an ATM network. It resides in an ATM end station or in a computer system that provides the LAN to ATM conversion, often known as a LAN access device. See LANE.

(2) (Local Exchange Carrier) An organization that provides local telephone service within the U.S., which includes the RBOCs, large companies such as GTE and more than a thousand smaller and rural telephone companies (approximately 1,300 in total). A LEC provides service from the customer premises to its local exchange (central office) within a local geographic area. See LATA, CLEC and ILEC.

LATAs, LECs and IXCs
The PSTN is made up of local exchange carriers (LECs) and interexchange carriers (IXCs) that are governed by LATA boundaries. Although this illustration shows one LEC within one LATA, state regulations may allow multiple LECs within the same LATA.
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If higher call volumes are generated by reduced access prices and charges to consumers, a high-capacity network will clearly improve long-term cash flows for a local exchange carrier. By enabling more data to be transferred, a digital network gives the local exchange companies' customers yet more opportunities for usage.
Although competitive local telephone service, lower cost long-distance service and high-speed DSL (digital subscriber line) are in demand, the town's local exchange carrier is not offering these services.
In some cases, Internet service providers like A have changed into competitive local exchange carriers like C to receive the financial rewards of reciprocal compensation.
Indeed, the ability of local exchange carriers to game the regulatory system by defining and redefining "services," which for all practical purposes are identical and amount to nothing more than the transport of bits of information, will serve to check the growth of competition in local exchange markets.
Ousting big telcos such as Verizon, Frontier, and AT&T, this is the first time the largest winner of CAF in California has been an independent operator and not an incumbent local exchange carrier (ILEC).
3 local exchange carrier in Arkansas, has managed to keep its numbers up somewhat by repeated acquisitions.
The Company offers competitive local exchange carrier services using its overlay network in Moscow, Kiev, St.
ILEC--Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier. A group of LECs that includes the regional Bell operating companies (RBOCs) and other local carriers.
In most cases, the occupant is required to make its own much more costly arrangements for dedicated access via the Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier ("ILEC"), the local Baby Bell, since the ILEC is present in every building.
A point-to-point T1 circuit is installed at CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier) rates, along with an access concentrator and number of CPE routers.
The critical issue is the assignment of local exchange carrier costs.
(NYSE: ZAYO) has announced that it has completed the sale of the Scott-Rice Telephone Co., a Minnesota ILEC (incumbent local exchange carrier), for USD 42 million to Nuvera (formerly New Ulm Telecom, Inc.), the company said.

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