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"Departmental officials carried out a site selection exercise and found the location fit to construct a 150-meter long bridge," an official communique said.
But one special location fit for a king has been reserved for the sculpture entitled Oor Nevis.
Aston Martin marks the 88th Geneva International Motor Show with an all-new show stand and location fit for the marque's biggest-ever presence at the opening event of the European automotive show calendar.
Because the pallet locations are dynamically adjustable, the operator can chose the best location fit. For hazardous material storage, a HazMat version of the equipment can be specified.
The former Eastmont Pharmacy location fit the bill for easy access and visibility, and is only a couple blocks away.
The Willamette Street location fit several of Sherwin Williams' priorities, Cummings said.
Plus they can take a well deserved, relaxing break at a majestic location fit for royalty, with a reward of a Gourmet Escape.
"White & Billingham and its general practice legal expertise and location fit extremely well with this.
The beige bricks and green awnings at the TCB branch location fit in perfectly with the surrounding neighborhood.
Sheltons and its general practice legal expertise and location fit well with Challinors and its ambition for sus-tainegrowth across the Midlands."
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