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Army and Navy began posting training modules on the Web with titles such as "OPSEC [Operations Security] and Safe Social Networking" and "Geotags and Location-Based Social Networking: Applications, OPSEC, and Protecting Unit Safety" that addressed the security risks of textual references to the location of MP, geotagging, and use of other location-based social networking features (U.
The company is the creator of "Inta Feen," the leading mobile location-based social networking game in the Arab world.
The two-year-old location-based social networking Web site is available to anyone with GPS-enabled devices.
Those reporting service troubles included foursquare, a location-based social networking site; Quora, a question-and-answer service; Reddit, a news-sharing site; and BigDoor, which makes game tools for Web publishers.
Ao Don't "check in" on location-based social networking sites from home, and don't include GPS coordinates in tweets, blogs or social networking accounts.
The Orthodox rabbi acknowledges the irony of putting a shul on a location-based social networking site that requires mobile check-ins; he doesn't really expect that people will be checking in often, since the use of electronic devices is prohibited on the Sabbath and, the rest of the week, is generally frowned upon.
However, all of these location-based social networking services have one common thread: they share your physical location with the wider world and this, like other technologies before it, raises new privacy issues.
com), among other location-based social networking websites and software for mobile devices, offer the technology with social gaming elements attached.
We have seen location-based social networking quickly become the next area of interest for individuals and we felt that services like Foursquare would have staying power.
Location-based social networking, in particular, will be a big part of our lives," says craigslist founder Craig Newmark in the survey report.
As part of the promotion, Lufthansa becomes the first company in Germany to cooperate with the location-based social networking web and mobile application, foursquare.
The Technology Pioneers 2011 are active in areas such as antibody discovery and optimization platforms, augmented reality, faster and cheaper genome sequencing, location-based social networking, on-line security and reputation management, smart energy solutions, and water management and treatment.

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