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Thus, lock down: no TV, no iPod, no iPad, no computer, no going outside, no life for the length of the sentence.
"By the end of this year," says Brown, "I'd like to lock down an angel investor who can serve as a one-stop shop for my projects."
The new version offers enhanced permission control and increased granularity for managing the connection of USB sticks, iPods, PDAs, smartphones, CD burners and other devices, as well as adding the ability to lock down Bluetooth, infrared and Wi-Fi wireless connections, thereby preventing the transfer of information between corporate PCs and unauthorized devices.--Centennial Software
The Model K20FS Lock Down Head saw from Kalamazoo Industries, Inc.
A lock down is a situation where every prisoner is locked inside his cell until further notice.
"With ServGate's UTM gateway, we are able to leverage Seagate's industry-leading HDDs to quarantine exploits at the network edge, and now with the adoption of the FDE-enabled hard drive, deliver an added layer of protection to totally lock down the sensitive and privileged data that ServGate captures."
A freeze would lock down a consumer's credit report, preventing anyone--including the consumer--from instantly opening new credit cards or taking out loans.
What's hustling while on lock down? Sounds like selling goods while behind jail bars.
That's because there's a built-in fingerprint scanner that can lock down files on the drive as well as access to your computer and websites.
Free Culture: How Big Media Uses Technology and the Law to Lock Down Culture and Control Creativity By Lawrence Lessig Penguin, $24.95
A faculty member uses a proximity card to access the classroom or to lock down the room from the inside as needed.