locking handle

cam handle, locking handle

In a window having a sash (ventilator, 2) which swings about pivots, a handle which locks the sash in a closed position by wedging it against a keeper.
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Features include a half-front drop gate for access to contents, heavy-duty locking handle and a 2 x 2-inch wire mesh pattern on the larger sized units.
The RediTap chrome or brushed nickel to match your sink, comes with a two-year warranty and has an insulated spout with a locking handle to prevent you accidentally turning on the boiling water.
Recognizing the dilemma at hand, the credulous Crusader driver attempted to lock the wing but could not get the locking handle to move into the forward locking detent.
Description: Durable glass lid with locking handle; premium non-stick interior for easy clean up; easy to read, adjustable temperature control.
The manifold has the facility for a high-flow hand pump, pressure relief and a locking handle for safe commissioning.
Operators, Step 2 in WP 0008-7 of TB 9-3950-253-13&P (Jul 09, w/Ch 1, Jun 12) says to push the locking handle on the enhanced-container handling unit (E-CHU) toward the container to secure the slide lock when transporting a container.
Designed to fit most bathrooms, this tub features a guaranteed leak-free design; low-level entry; a wide access door with No Strength Locking handle (right and left side available); anti-scald technology; a slip-resistant ComfortSeat and floor; bacteria- and mold-resistant sanitary gel-coat; built-in and wall mount safety bars; quick release drain; and the Safe Water ozone cleaning system.
There was a possibility of getting clothing caught in the exposed sprockets, locking handle, and hub nuts.
It is constructed of 600-denier ripstop polyester, has four-inch, all-terrain wheels that make transport a snap, a two-stage, pull-up locking handle with padded grip and a very reasonable weight of 7.7 pounds.
Then push down on the locking handle, and the ratchet mechanism automatically tensions the bar against the side walls.