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lockout, intentional closing up of a company, factory, or shop by an employer to prevent employees from working during a strike or labor dispute. The term lockout is sometimes confused with the term strike, since what employers will frequently designate as a strike will in turn be referred to by workers as a lockout. Lockouts have generally been regarded as legal by the courts, although in some cases they have been held unlawful if they violate the terms of a joint agreement.
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(Russian, lokaut), one of the forms of class struggle of the bourgeoisie against the working class.

In a lockout the capitalists close their enterprises and dismiss large numbers of workers in order to exert economic pressure on them. Through lockouts, entrepreneurs attempt to prevent a strike that is in preparation or suppress one that has already begun. While actively opposing strikes, bourgeois states set up no real obstacles to lockouts. True, certain legislative acts that limit or prevent strikes also limit or even prohibit lockouts. For example, in those countries where compulsory arbitration is established (in Australia and New Zealand), both strikes and lockouts with the set purpose of altering the labor conditions established by a court of arbitration organized by the state are generally prohibited. However, these restrictions and bans are purely formal in nature when applied to lockouts. One of the ways that the workers struggle against lockouts is to refuse when fired to leave the shut-down enterprise and instead to continue to work independently despite the lockout declared by the owners.

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What does it mean when you dream about being locked out?

Losing one’s keys and being locked out in a dream can indicate fear of losing your position in life. If another person has locked the dreamer out, then control is an issue to be confronted and dealt with—in the dreamer’s career or personal life.

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In a telephone circuit controlled by two voice-operated devices, the inability of one or both subscribers to get through, because of either excessive local circuit noise or continuous speech from one or both subscribers. Also known as receiver lockout system.
In mobile communications, an arrangement of control circuits whereby only one receiver can feed the system at one time to avoid distortion. Also known as receiver lockout system.
(computer science)
In computer communications, the inability of a remote terminal to achieve entry to a computer system until project programmer number, processing authority code, and password have been validated against computer-stored lists.
The precautions taken to ensure that two or more programs executing simultaneously in a computer system do not access the same data at the same time, make unauthorized changes in shared data, or otherwise interfere with each other.
Preventing the central processing unit of a computer from accessing storage because input/output operations are taking place.
Preventing input and output operations from taking place simultaneously.
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