lodgepole pine

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lodgepole pine,

common name for the pinepine,
common name for members of the Pinaceae, a family of resinous woody trees with needlelike, usually evergreen leaves. The Pinaceae reproduce by means of cones (see cone) rather than flowers and many have winged seeds, suitable for wind distribution.
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 species Pinus contorta, found in the Rocky Mts. and the northwestern coast of the United States.
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Because there were so few pine grains that could be identified as Haploxylon-type, the dominant source of pine pollen at this time was probably from lodgepole pine.
Foliage samples were taken from all trunks of 10 mature tree clumps each of ponderosa, bristlecone and lodgepole pine.
Here lies a field of charcoal-crusted lodgepole pines, strewn about the ground like jackstraws.
Lodgepole pines have been a dominant species in the subalpine zones of the Cascades and other mountain ranges in Oregon and Washington but are being decimated by outbreaks of bark beetles.
This is all at risk," says county Commissioner Jerry Paxton, as we drive through mile after mile of dead and dying lodgepole pine forest in the Sierra Madre Mountains, near the small Wyoming town of Encampment.
2007) reported that sodium hypochlorite treatments provided the best bleaching of blue-stained lodgepole pine sapwood with only moderate heartwood discoloration relative to other bleaching treatments.
In our previous studies, both phenol-liquefied bark-PF resol resins and alkaline bark extractivePF resol resins were successfully formulated using the mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae Hopkins)--infested lodgepole pine barks (Pinus contorta Dougl.
The common height for lodgepole pine is 70 feet with diameters of 24 to 30 inches, but trees can grow to 120 feet or more.
However, outbreaks are usually restricted to lodgepole pine, and to a lesser extent, ponderosa pine.
Hundreds of freshly cut Norway spruce, Nordmann fir and Lodgepole pine will be on sale during the first three weekends of the month and on each Tuesday (10am-3pm) in the 900 acre North York Moors beauty spot.
Forest Service reported last year that during the last part of the 20th century, widespread treatments in lodgepole pine stands that would have created age-class diversity, enhanced the vigor of remaining trees, and improved stand resiliency to drought, insect attack, and fires--such as timber harvest and thinning--lacked public acceptance.
As Buermeyer drives, the forest opens, and large patches of fireweed give way to sagebrush, which in turn give way to groves of aspen and finally to forests of lodgepole pine, subalpine fir and spruce.