loft ladder

disappearing stair, folding stair, loft ladder

A swinging stair, usually a folding ladder, which enables passage to an attic space or loft. The stair is fixed to a trapdoor which, when closed, hides the stair from viewers below.
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Jul 23-Aug 23 LEO YOU will spend today desperately trying to find the boxes for the Christmas decorations, and then banging your shins on the loft ladder.
Star's lofty tumble FORMER X-Factor winner Sam Bailey was rushed to hospital after being knocked out by a loft ladder at her home.
But the topic remained hot around the bar and a chum said he'd risked the cobwebs and been up the loft ladder to see what he might find.
A loft ladder leads to two further floors in the fire station tower.
A BULLY is facing jail for killing a friend who died when he became stuck in the rungs of a loft ladder.
99 LOFT LADDER With simple instructions, it will give you easy access to all that space under the roof without the need to get on a wobbly old ladder.
00 Eckman Telescopic Loft Ladder With 9 extra wide and deep slip-resistant steps that visibly lock into place at a flick of a switch, our loft ladder has been tested and manufactured to the highest European Safety Standards for weights up to 150kg (23.
A loft ladder leads to the spacious roof void providing excellent storage space or potential for extension into it, subject to local authority and BVT consents being obtained.
Do yourself a favour and install a Fakro Loft Ladder.
Then he damaged a wardrobe and two sets of drawers and ripped down the loft ladder.