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log off

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log in

Signing in and gaining access to a computer, local network server, Web server or to a particular account. The login identifies the user, and a username and password are typically required. Although a password is not mandatory for a user's own computer or mobile device, it is always recommended. See password, username and account.

Variations and Spelling
Also called "log on," "sign in" or "sign on," the action of logging in (verb) is spelled with two words: "please log in." However, the process (noun) is one word: "the login." In contrast, to exit the system is to "log out," "log off," "sign out" or "sign off." For example: "be sure to log in" and "her login name is allison77."

Right and Wrong Usage
The verb is two words; the noun is one. Many user interface designers are unaware of this distinction.
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The concept of "offline balance movement" is genuine and Blake Snow's "Log Off" is this 'plug in' generation's playbook for true social networking emancipation.
It says you should always log off and only post information you're happy to have in the public domain.
If you want to catch up on your ZZZZs, log off your tablet and put away your smart phone.
"Roula you jerk and worshipper of money I wish you would die and it is obvious you are being paid to write such crap by lowlifes and for services you are giving those lowlifes," she wrote, adding: "I write this last statement before I log off to go shopping but of course using my own hard earned money and not money given by jerks that are involved in scandals."
Cross attributed that to a feature of the hotel chain's software that would automatically log off the current user whenever someone signed on - as Swartout had reportedly been trained to do after returning to her keyboard from other tasks.
"By using a trojan to log the relevant GET and POST commands, as well as injecting data into an active Web session, cybercriminals can allow a legitimate user to log off their online web service, but keep the session alive on another Internet connection," he added.
And when a lesson is complete, teachers can press one button to log off and shut down every machine.
This triangle won't last forever, and it might be time to decide whether the behind-the-scenes conversations are working for you, or whether you should either step things up at school or log off at home.
Constantly ringing right through Your head Time to switch and log off and move swiftly To bed!
Always sign out and log off. Users should log off of sites they are not actively using.
The mountain is within an area with biosphere reserve status, and in a region that became the focus of international attention when forestry companies attempted to log off old growth forests in the 1980s.
According to the company, once the software is installed the service automatically backs up documents when users log off or shut down their PCs.