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dollar-denominated real exchange rates, in terms of logarithms, within a group.
The connections between logarithms and square roots can also be explored using a scientific calculator to handle the arithmetic (or the table consultation), as suggested by Figure 6:
Also, the logarithm of oil price has a negative effect and stock price hasa significant and positive effect on the stock index.
Net interest margin is negatively correlated with logarithm of the total assets squared [LAGA.
Mean variables LNGOOGLE Logarithm of a player's 320 0.
Other equivalent--but still not completely reduced--expressions for the combinatorial logarithm have been given using special classes of graphs.
t+k] = logarithm of spot exchange rate(quote currency units per unit of base currency), [i.
Strahan (1999) argues that non-price-related loan terms may affect loan spreads too; thus, we also control for loan characteristics, including the logarithm of the facility amount, the logarithm of the number of lenders, and the logarithm of facility maturity.
Key words and phrases : automatic sequence, regular sequence, 2-adic logarithm.
Mathematically, the natural logarithm is the functional inverse of the exponential, as its graph makes clear: the logarithm is the mirror image, reflected across a diagonal, of the exponential.
The 18th century theorem states e^(i) pi+1=0, where e is the base of the natural logarithm, (i) the imaginary unit and pi the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter.