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Since the person parameters and item parameters are displayed on the same interval logarithmic scale, it follows that the likelihood that a person will pass or endorse an item is related to how much of the construct s/he has and the item's level of difficulty, or indeed difficulty of the item response options (figure 1).
For a quantitative evaluation of the measurement scale with regard to the structure characteristics of the surface, the RMS roughness values are plotted against scan sizes on a double logarithmic scale for different exposure times, as shown in Fig.
Age-specific incidence rates, which were calculated at 5-year intervals, were plotted on linear as well as on logarithmic scales.
1, "Development Cost Trends," uses a scatter plot of various programs on a logarithmic scale.
As a minor point, epidemiologists applying the Batterham and Hopkins approach should note that, for measures of effect that are based on ratios (such as odds ratios, rate ratios, and hazard ratios), the X-axis in Figure 3 should be plotted on the logarithmic scale.
The Chart, in a logarithmic scale, describes the breadth of capacity options that customers have for tape solutions, ranging from a 36GB single drive to multi-petabyte enterprise systems.
Devised by American geologist Charles Francis Richter, the scale measures the magnitude of earthquakes on a logarithmic scale, so that a quake of magnitude 5 is 10 times more powerful than one of magnitude 4.
For estimation of correlations, we assumed that all pairs of congeners had joint normal distributions on the logarithmic scale, and used maximum likelihood to estimate the correlation while accounting for the censored observations.
For the analysis of CD62P expression, data were acquired in real time with a primary gate set on a dual-parameter histogram of forward light scatter logarithmic scale (abscissa) and side light scatter logarithmic scale (ordinate).
Since dB are on a logarithmic scale like the Richter scale, adding 10 dB of processing gain means the system has 1/10th the noise of a system with no processing gain (0 dB).
The decibel scale is a logarithmic scale, not a linear scale.