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The data collected in logbooks underpins fisheries management decisions and accurate discard information is key for stock assessments and fisheries research.
The presentation of a systematic case record or surgical case logbook has been a mandatory requirement to complete and stratify specialisation/registrar training in many countries, including South Africa.
Before we go any further, we'll state unequivocally: Electronic logbooks are acceptable to the Administrator.
The correspondence in the SAMJ does not make it clear whether it is practice to have the logbooks scrutinised by the examiners.
The logbooks include famous voyages such as Parry's polar expedition in HMS Hecla and Sir John Franklin's navigation of the Northwest Passage.
It is my understanding that one needs to make an airplane logbook entry each time you update a database.
The cruise logbook is a standardised record book that urges floating restaurant businesses in Dubai to record all their vessel operations for later use as a unified source of documented information.
But it's also critical you keep both your Shadow's TMs and unmanned aircraft systems-initiative (UAS-1) logbook current.
At the beginning of the courses, the tutor explained the specific objectives of the core curriculum and how to complete the logbooks.
Pictured is teacher Lynda Walton showing one of the school's old logbooks to pupils Caroline Oliver and Wayne Osbourne, both seven years old.
We decided to make EZ-Log not only the best logbook software but the most affordable as well.