logeion, logeum

The raised platform for the actors in the Hellenistic theater, corresponding to the modern stage.
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No proprio nivel da tecnica dramatica ha uma polaridade significativa: os herois ficam no logeion ('palco') e o coro na orkhestra (literalmente, 'lugar de dancar'); o heroi e individualizado pela mascara proeminente e pelos altos coturnos; o coro, personagem coletiva, e representado por um colegiado de cidadaos.
Once the environment in which the idea of the aside was first formulated--the open-air theatre of antiquity with its circular seating arrangement and without a linear division between the logeion and the theatron, or even between pulpitum and cavea (Greek and Latin words that correspond, respectively, to the English "stage" and "auditorium")-- is replaced with a more claustrophobic configuration of parterre, loges, and scene (pit, boxes, and stage) separated by a proscenium arch, several of the clauses that make up the original contract between the actors and the audience become irrelevant.