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the work of felling, trimming, and transporting timber
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the process of procuring timber, including the main and auxiliary operations of felling trees, hauling them from the felling sites, and partly processing them at lower woodyards. Felling requires approximately 25–30 percent of the total amount of labor involved in logging, transport (hauling the trees to woodyards) 5–10 percent, storage 15–20 percent, and other operations 40–45 percent.

The Russian word for logging, lesozagotovka, means literally timber (leso) procurement (zagotovka). The word is derived from the practice in prerevolutionary Russia of manually procuring lumber, in the form of logs (graded timber), at felling sites, mainly in winter. The logs were piled up along riverbanks and floated in spring and summer. In the USSR all the production processes in logging and timber procurement establishments are mechanized.

The USSR leads the world in the amount of logs hauled (1972). The logging and timber procurement establishments are steadily increasing the delivery to the economy of commercial timber and lumber in ever more finished form.

Commercial timber constituted 42 percent of all logging in 1923–24 and 73 per cent in 1951, and it was expected to constitute 87 percent in 1975.


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Continuous recording versus depth of some characteristic datum of the formations penetrated by a drill hole; for example, resistivity, spontaneous potential, conductivity, fluid content, radioactivity, or density.
The cutting and removal of the woody stem portions of forest trees.
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data logging

The continuous recording of data. The term may refer to the automatic collection of data from sensors in the field or in a factory or scientific environment. It may also refer to gathering traffic statistics in a network or events in the computer. See log, network analyzer and keystroke logger.


A record of activity. See log file.

log file

A record of computer activity used for statistical purposes as well as backup and recovery. Log files are written by the operating system or other control program for such purposes as recording incoming dialogs, error and status messages and certain transaction details. Start and stop times of routine jobs may also be recorded.

Any program might generate a log file. An application may generate a log that the user can refer to if necessary or that may be helpful in the event of a failure. For example, an FTP program may generate a log file showing the date, time and source and destination paths for each file transferred. See data logging and data exhaust.
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