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In ACF/VTAM, an unformatted session-initiation request for a session between two logical units.
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log in

Signing in and gaining access to a computer, local network server, Web server or to a particular account. The login identifies the user, and a username and password are typically required. Although a password is not mandatory for a user's own computer or mobile device, it is always recommended. See password, username and account.

Variations and Spelling
Also called "log on," "sign in" or "sign on," the action of logging in (verb) is spelled with two words: "please log in." However, the process (noun) is one word: "the login." In contrast, to exit the system is to "log out," "log off," "sign out" or "sign off." For example: "be sure to log in" and "her login name is allison77."

Right and Wrong Usage
The verb is two words; the noun is one. Many user interface designers are unaware of this distinction.
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As a member of the coordinating council of OATH (Initiative for Open Authentication), Protectimus offers only certified two-factor authentication solutions for ADFS, Citrix NetScaler and XenApp, VMware, RoundCube, SSH, RADIUS, SAML, and SSO; and now, also for Windows Logon and Microsoft RDP.
"A logon request in the middle of a flight is not common.
The system provides logon alerts for all reagents set to expire, reagents that reach their reorder level, and all instrumentation due for a service visit.
The next step would be to create a DOD Self-Service Logon (DS Logon).
Logon to AKO and go to: https://www.us.army.mil/suite/ folder/17421428
The fingerprint security solution allows users to logon to websites with a swipe of the finger, with no need to type passwords, as well as launch and logon to favorite websites and associate websites with different fingers.
To nominate a Little Star or to donate to Cancer Research UK logon to www.cancerresearchuk.org/littlestar.
To nominate a Little Star or to donate to Cancer Research UK logon to www.cancerresearchuk.org/littlestar The awards are open to all under-18s who have cancer or who have had treatment for the disease in the last five years.
In addition, when used as a logon reader, the pcProx Plus is HIPPA compliant, meeting the regulations of the health care industry.
'And all this is for free and without having to use the search engines or visit or logon sites and forums,' he added.
Employees will have 90 days from receipt of a course logon to complete this two-hour course and exam.