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An air-intercept code meaning, “Fly for best endurance.” Also called loiter.
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Although Okada riders are not in the area, young boys believed to be apprentices at the popular spare parts market at Gate sometimes loiter in the area.
Earlier, President Duterte ordered the PNP to accost and reprimand those who loiter around the barangays.
Presidential spokesman Harry Roque said the campaign against people who loiter in the streets at night, locally called tambay, was part of the government's efforts to prevent crime.
The company highlights the features of a compact Converticopter version (CVC96) with a wingspan of 8-ft, allowing loiter flights up to 1.5 hour, only on battery power alone, and beyond 5 hours with an electric hybrid power plant.
" The cows would loiter about and end up resting on the NH-- 75 and NH-- 86 during the night.
At that point, the two F-16s break out of their loiter patterns to fly in a straight line south, quite certainly under Turkish ground control because they clearly are not hunting for the Su-24s and following a curved path, they're heading straight for an intercept point that apparently ground control has provided them."
PEOPLE who "loiter" around bus and train stations in Caerphilly, Blackwood and Nelson could face fines of PS100 under new rules.
Mr Cripps explained that the proceedings were taken under a regulation which reads: "That no person in the area shall molest or importune any person of the opposite sex, or loiter for the purpose of importuning any such person in the area set out in the schedule."
The air vehicle was required to loiter in the target area at around 100 km radius for six hours and operator-in-the-loop was seen as a necessity.
Here's how we train for emergencies during loiter operations.
eC eC Samuel Tut Deng, a business administration student at Upper Nile University also confirmed and seconded the arrest saying criminals should not be allowed to loiter around.