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An air-intercept code meaning, “Fly for best endurance.” Also called loiter.
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It was in a room in Paper Buildings--a row of goodly tenements, shaded in front by ancient trees, and looking, at the back, upon the Temple Gardens--that this, our idler, lounged; now taking up again the paper he had laid down a hundred times; now trifling with the fragments of his meal; now pulling forth his golden toothpick, and glancing leisurely about the room, or out at window into the trim garden walks, where a few early loiterers were already pacing to and fro.
"I was looking out for loiterers in the street, but I saw none.
With very little excuse for departing so abruptly, Ralph left him, and, greatly disappointing the loiterers outside the house by telling them there was nothing the matter, got into the coach, and was driven to his own home.
So, in the rosy evening, one might watch the ever-widening beauty of the landscape--beyond the newly-released workers wending home-- beyond the silver river--beyond the deep green fields of corn, so prospering, that the loiterers in their narrow threads of pathway seemed to float immersed breast-high--beyond the hedgerows and the clumps of trees--beyond the windmills on the ridge--away to where the sky appeared to meet the earth, as if there were no immensity of space between mankind and Heaven.
Darkness had fallen, and a keen blizzard was blowing so that the streets were nearly deserted; but a few loiterers followed the group, and emboldened by invisibility shouted imprecations at the prisoner.
So my directive is when you see a loiterer, tell them, 'Go home.
Congressmen who authored the proposed congressional inquiry into the death of Genesis "Tisoy" Argoncillo are not buying police claims that the arrested street loiterer was killed by fellow detainees in a Quezon City police station detention cell.
Players went daft on a slippy, moving surface that put the skids under the venturesome, and a snow-spray in the eye of the loiterer.
postflickr Droplet, by Michael Haddock (kallope) Gyr-Peregrine by Lynn Gerald Edmonds (Lynngerald) Pram performance at Gas Street, by Annie Banham (urban loiterer) Young bikers, by Peter Hodgson Every week, we're turning over a page of the Birmingham Post to celebrate the best photos taken by our readers who become members of our group on Flickr, the popular photo-sharing website.
On a canal towpath by urban loiterer. Rainbow Lorikeet by taylorosie1080.
Mary Magdalen College, and the Loiterer (1789-1790) of St.
The Loiterer; a periodical work in two volumes published in Oxford in the years 1789 and 1790 by the Austen family.