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An air-intercept code meaning, “Fly for best endurance.” Also called loiter.
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During his Facebook Live, Moreno further revealed that authorities have rescued 365 minors found inhaling solvent, sleeping on streets, and loitering along the streets of Manila for the month of July alone.
Large groups of youths have been loitering and lighting fires in a town centre.
A loitering munitions developed by an Israel-based company could soon be in the inventory of America's weapon systems. 
As a result, the new proposed powers are expected to concentrate on "targeted interventions" on those: | Behaving in a manner that is likely to cause harassment, alarm, nuisance or distress | Loitering in a state of intoxication through alcohol or drug induced activity | Loitering or performing for reward within 10 meters of any cashpoint The planned powers also propose: "That consuming alcohol or being in possession of open containers of alcohol likely to cause or causing ASB is prohibited in the restricted Area.
A few of them had brought passengers who came for transaction at the teller machine while many others were merely loitering in the area without having any clear purpose or mission.
Police arrested several teenagers in the Limassol district between 8pm on Thursday and 4am on Friday during an operation to prevent youths from loitering and lighting fires before Easter.
Mr Kisera said students have become easy targets for criminals who waylay them near their private hostels or as they walk home at night.But the police blamed the students for exposing themselves to criminals by loitering at night even though Kakamega town aspires to be a 24-hour economy.
Eight secondary schoolgirls were on Saturday arrested for loitering in Maralal town.
Fifty-eight percent also said the police do not discriminate by class when arresting tambay while 68 percent were worried about being arrested for loitering. Also, 9 out of 10 Filipinos, or 92 percent, also do not know anyone who has been arrested for loitering.
They were posed the question: "In your opinion, who do you think would usually be arrested for loitering by the police?
The SWS survey also showed that 68 percent (34 percent very worried and 34 percent somewhat worried) of Filipinos are worried they or someone they know might get arrested for loitering.