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Lone Wolf,

d. 1879, Kiowa Chief. He led some KiowasKiowa
, Native North Americans whose language is thought to form a branch of the Aztec-Tanoan linguistic stock (see Native American languages). The Kiowa, a nomadic people of the Plains area, had several distinctive traits, including a pictographic calendar and the worship of a
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 on raids in 1874 after his son had been killed by whites, but he was defeated and with a number of followers was deported to Florida, where he remained in military confinement for three years; he died one year after his release.
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But it's even more difficult to uncover the fanatical lone wolves.
The world has entered a new wave of the most lethal terrorism, he shows, one that appeals to lone wolves because of its reliance on the Internet.
Neither the lone wolves nor those who hunt the innocent in packs will have the last word in a world where hope has not died, where miracles of forgiveness are before our eyes, and love is alive.
Both the ALF and the ELF have established guidelines and posted them on the Web for cells or lone wolves to follow.
There is convincing evidence of the impact of Inspire magazine among lone wolves.
It can be argued that more attacks are effectively pursued by lone wolves than organized groups in the western world.
Lone wolves are sometimes adopted into a pack, especially in the absence of an alpha male.
Hate groups are finding ways to attract lone wolves like the 37-year-old Furrow and channel their fear, disconnection and bitterness into murderous rage.