long file names

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long file names

File names in Windows that are up to 255 characters in length. Long file names include spaces and special characters except for slashes, colons, asterisks, open/close brackets, exclamation points and pipe symbol (/ \ : * < > ! |).

Long file names superseded the eight-plus-three (8.3) character limitation used in 16-bit DOS and Windows 3.1. Long file names are supported in Unix, Mac and Windows starting with Windows 95.

For compatibility with earlier 16-bit applications that can only deal with short names, Windows creates 8.3 names out of long ones. The long name is converted to eight or fewer characters by truncating the name and adding a number separated by a tilde (~). Names with the same first letters are differentiated by incrementing the number as in the following examples. See name mangling.
Long file name          Short file name

 manuscriptA.doc         manusc~1.doc
 manuscriptB.doc         manusc~2.doc
 manuscript C.doc        manusc~3.doc
 manuscripts D & E.doc   manusc~4.doc

 Long folder name        Short folder name

 Program Files           progra~1
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In text mode, the file menu is a familiar Windows-like interface with a virtual keyboard that accepts long file names so the user isn't limited by 8.3 specifications when naming their images.
New administrative capabilities include volume snapshot, support for long file names, full compatibility with Novell edirectory (formerly Novell Directory Services) and support for large volumes of up to eight terabytes.
The ads would list some aspect of Windows 95 -- long file names, say -- then point out that the very same feature was 'Macintosh '89.'
(By the way, periods are allowed in Windows 95 long file names. "BASE0998.RUN" was the file name and ".TXT" was the extension in the above name.)
Long file names are available for directory names, too.
Users of the Intel-based PCs will enjoy working with folder icons that represent real disk hierarchies, an ever-present menu for software, a list of frequently-used files, long file names, and a help system that can act out its answers.
When I open a new file for editing, I use the mouse to click on its name in a menu, which helps me to avoid having to remember the exact spelling of the name and encourages me to use long file names that can be more descriptive and thus easier to understand.
Again, the official line is that IBM and Microsoft henceforth will devote "the majority of their application and systems development resources" to OS/2 and, "beginning in the second half of 1990, plan to make their graphical applications available first on OS/2." According to the IBM's press release, moreover, "Microsoft stated that Windows is not intended to be used as a server, nor will future releases contain advanced OS/2 features such as distributed processing, the 32-bit flat memory model, threads, or long file names."