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'Well, it's too many for ME, that's certain; must be a mighty long hole; however, I ain't got no time to fool around here, I got to "tend to business"; I reckon it's all right--chance it, anyway.'
When he got through he walks to the hole and looks in again for half a minute; then he says, 'Well, you're a long hole, and a deep hole, and a mighty singular hole altogether--but I've started in to fill you, and I'm damned if I DON'T fill you, if it takes a hundred years!'
That made an extraordinary long hole, as you may imagine, and reached far down into the earth; and, as I leaned over it to try to see to the bottom, I lost my balance and tumbled in.
The Kencana underground mine uses mostly underhand cut and-fill with some long hole stopping and the Toguraci underground mine uses a combination of long hole stopping and overhand cut-and-fill.
Near-term priorities for the Company include the construction of improved camp facilities, acceleration of underground development activity and the introduction of long hole stope mining to selected areas.
"And then 17, you've got that par-3 with the wind blowing into it and it's a long hole. If they ever tuck it in the back, sometimes bogey might be a good score.
Because once you miss the fairway on 18 it's going to be very difficult to get up to the green in three shots because it's such a long hole.
No.15 Crosbie 499-yard Par 4 This long hole is one where, if you can come out with an average of 4.5 a day for the week, you know you have done all right.
Hole one is a 264ft long hole which starts from a high point and has each player teeing off at the same time.
The cave is entered through a narrow 1.5-meter long hole, along which visitors have to crawl in water.