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Haulage is done once per week using a Canadian-flag tug/barge combination, capable of carrying 11,000 tonnes (11,000 long tons), operated by McKeil Marine of Hamilton, Ontario.
The tanker fleets then had a total capacity of 48.9m long tons.
The methane emissions from the dairy at Cal Poly can be calculated as being almost 45 kilograms (100 pounds) per day or 18.3 metric tons (18 long tons/16 short tons) per year and is therefore equivalent to over 380 metric tons (345 short tons/386 long tons) of carbon dioxide per year.
The second shiplift would accommodate vessels up to 250 feet in length weighing up to 2,500 long tons.
Cargo tonnage through the 50-mile (80-km) trade route grew 2.7% during the period to 132.1 million long tons, driven by an increase in oil products, containerized cargo and grains.
The total cargo was 357 long tons, or 1,966 measurement tons.
Cargo tonnage through the 50-mile (80-km) trade route grew 3.6% to 81.8 million long tons during the period, driven by a 10.2% increase in containerized cargo to a record 14.2 million long tons.
Containerized and break-bulk cargo weighing 4,714 long tons were offloaded from MV American Tern onto a 20-foot thick floating ice pier and then trucked to numerous storage locations throughout McMurdo Station and Scott Base.