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, common name for some members of the Cucurbitaceae, a family of plants whose range includes all tropical and subtropical areas and extends into the temperate zones.
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In first experiment, immobilization was carried out in Erlenmeyer flasks containing 12.0 g [L.sup.-1] of loofa sponge, previously cut in 2 cm x 2 cm pieces and autoclaved at 121[degrees]C for 15 minutes.
* Get a full-body or foot massage monthly, give yourself a loofa or dry brush massage weekly, and train yourself to towel dry vigorously after every bath and shower.
Sid cuddles up to Loofa Dog (above) after trying his new hairdryer (left)
Bath salts, soap with soothing sea kelp and a loofa sponge by the bath will put all tensions to rest.
One day, when Mazal was washing herself in the tub and Geula was helping her and scrubbing her back with the loofa, Sara noticed the half gold Napoleon hanging round her mother's neck on a black velvet ribbon.
Either a backstrap loofa rough sponge, or a mit work very well and cover large areas.
The products from Multipet International--which include the popular Loofa dog toys and other toys--are all created by the Moonachie, N.J.-based company's design team or have been brought in by outside designers.
And they are using traditional loofa sponges as well as oil extracted from argan trees native to Morocco and Algeria (and now being grown in Israel).
"This is the best part of the hammam because the bather uses a Kessa black glove (crafted goat hair made into a loofa) and rubs the skin remove soap and dead skin to help exfoliate the skin and make it softer," she explained.
Give yourself a dry brush (or dry loofa sponge) massage before you shower.
The Margarita Salt Loofa is one of the signature treatments at The Indies Spa on this island resort.
Prevent ingrowing hairs by massaging with a loofa or dry flannel.