look angle

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look angle

[′lu̇k ‚aŋ·gəl]
(aerospace engineering)
The elevation and azimuth at which a particular satellite is predicted to be found at a specified time.
The solid angle in which an instrument operates effectively, generally used to describe radars, optical instruments, and space radiation detectors.
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squint angle

The maximum angle away from a missile axis at which the homing head can acquire and lock onto the normal emitting point at significant distance. The homing head can be IR (infrared), radar, or electro-optical. The same as a look angle.

field of view

field of viewclick for a larger image
Field of view in a head-up display.
i. The angle between two rays passing through the perspective center of a camera lens to two opposite sides of the format.
ii. The total solid angle available when looking through a sight or a head-up display.
iii. The look angle of a seeker. See look angle.
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where [N.sub.F] and [mathematical expression not reproducible] denote the navigation gain in the final phase and the look angle at the switching instant.
Considering the variation of look angle under the PN guidance in the initial phase, the look angle should satisfy the condition: [N.sub.I] < 2, [sin.sup.-1] [eta] < [[sigma].sub.M] < [cos.sup.-1] (2[eta]/[N.sub.I] - 2), or [N.sub.I] >2, [[sigma].sub.M] > max([sin.sup.-1] [eta], [cos.sup.-1] (2[eta]/2 - [N.sub.I]).
For initial guidance phases, the condition of [N.sub.I] < 1 and [mathematical expression not reproducible] can ensure that the look angle will increase from [mathematical expression not reproducible] to the limit value [mathematical expression not reproducible] during the time of ([t.sub.s] - [t.sub.0]), monotonously.
For each look angle measurement, the frequency of the VNA was changed from 1 to 8 GHz for a total of 100 discrete frequency points as in the case of the simulation.
We also notice the scattering from cavity that experiences the same behavior of the tree's body as the look angle varies during the measurement.
Based on the above assumptions, then, (1) can be rewritten as a summation over scatterer and provides a twodimensional (2D) data by considering different look angles as the following for a finite number of point scatterers (M) that form the tree-body:
It can be seen from Figure 4(d) that look angle of APN increased and stabilized at 21.5.
It can be seen from Figure 5(d) that look angle of APN increased reversely to -16[degrees].
In most cases, look angle of proposed law is small.
(ii) The coverage of radar cannot provide valid echoes with a zero-Doppler centroid when the look angle is less than the minimum of the range.
For the above issues, this paper introduces a general approach to compensate the Doppler centroid frequency for the spaceborne SAR which works with a look angle within an effective range.
where [phi] is the look angle of radar (shown in Figure 1); [R.sub.s](t) and [R.sub.t] are the magnitudes of [R.sub.s](t) and [R.sub.t](i), respectively.

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