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A specification language.

["A Look at Algebraic Specifications", S.N. Zilles et al, IBM RR, 1982].



a biweekly US magazine published between 1937 and 1971 in New York City by Cowles Communication, Inc. Circulation 7,750,000 (1970).

Look printed political articles, interviews, fiction, and illustrated essays on literature, art, and science; much space was devoted to entertainment features. Look discontinued publication because of financial difficulties.

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Organisations and professionals can drop in between 4pm-6pm for a look around and a Q&A answer session with centre staff.
Look around Toll Bar Island, and once again Festival Island, and Rowley Road.
The pupils were given the opportunity to look around the school and make new friends from other schools.
Look around a room the next time you attend a networking event.
You want to be able to come into town and look around some decent shops - Lorraine Hawcock, 56, retired shopkeeper from New Marske If they were going to do a pier, they should have done one going out to sea and it still needs more decent shops instead of all the charity and pound shops - Paul Temke, 29, unemployed of Eston If you drive along the seafront, you can't even see the sea now because the wall's too tall.
OUTSIDE LOOKING IN We look around, but do we really see, That everywhere there is such beauty, Fields all clad with a shawl of green, Trees all varied everywhere to be seen.
The event will also provide visitors with the opportunity to look around Norfolk House Nursery, which is next door to the school.
Before dipping a piece of food into a sauce, look around you.
Take a good look around in the North-East and you will see examples of the very best and very worst that architects and builders have come up with over the years.
Every family is special, these pictures say, and yet we all share much more than we ever recognize--until we simply look around us.
If you don't believe it, then look around you next Sunday.
The Z800 3DVisor's high-speed headtracking enables full 360-degree viewing so that users can look around in virtual space just as they would look around the real world.

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