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A specification language.

["A Look at Algebraic Specifications", S.N. Zilles et al, IBM RR, 1982].



a biweekly US magazine published between 1937 and 1971 in New York City by Cowles Communication, Inc. Circulation 7,750,000 (1970).

Look printed political articles, interviews, fiction, and illustrated essays on literature, art, and science; much space was devoted to entertainment features. Look discontinued publication because of financial difficulties.

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Look for their number in the blue pages of the phone book.
Look For: A thick, coarse, corky netting covering the skin.
"We'll look for items that will offer an overall, tied-together look," she says.
If the fullback is covered, the QB will look for the split end running across the back of the end zone.
Surveyors look for rather obvious discrepancies in this area, and too often find them.
We use it to explain what to look for (or avoid) in your multi.
"First, look for the poorest sites in the area," Stahle says.
When it appears that the companion stars are about the right mass to be brown dwarfs, astronomers can look for them in the infrared.
We keep the defense honest by having 1 look for the ball as he cuts through the lane and having 3 look at 1 as he cuts.
If you're unsure where to look for potential acquisitions or how to negotiate a deal, you may want to consider hiring a broker or an investment banker.