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People can look round the centre on Saturday, June 4, from 12pm until 3.
An organiser said: "This is a chance for people to come and look round the churches and enjoy a tea and coffee as well at St Mary's and St Tegfan's churches.
The BA worker escorting Sir Paul had to whisper in his ear that unfortunately his ex-wife was behind him and it would be best if he didn't look round.
Margaret Jones says: "I look round Cardiff, I think it is a clean city.
RESIDENTS are being given the chance to look round an historic town hall.
Before going into North Riding Infirmary for the operation, Michael wrote to Cleveland Police asking that if he was brave like a policeman could he look round the police stables.
Charly and I had our first look round the new primary school during the week.
WHERE can you visit a safari park, go skiing, skydiving, look round a theme park and hit the shops all in one day?
Members of the public will be able to look round the beautifully restored bus.
I will be coming to Newcastle next week and I'll have to look round to see if I can find anything that takes my fancy.
PEANUTS the hamster landed his owners with a hefty bill when he disappeared behind the gas-fire for a look round.
To raise the profile of the centre, which also has display areas, a community space and a cafe, an open day is being organised to allow prospective tenants and the public to have a look round.