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(of systems) operating as if by human intelligence by using automatic computer control


Christopher. 1722--71, British poet, author of A Song to David (1763) and Jubilate Agno (written 1758--63, published 1939). He was confined (1756--63) for religious mania and died in a debtors' prison




Said of a program that does the Right Thing in a wide variety of complicated circumstances. There is a difference between calling a program smart and calling it intelligent; in particular, there do not exist any intelligent programs (yet - see AI-complete).

Compare robust (smart programs can be brittle).


Incorporating some kind of digital electronics.


(1) (SMART) (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology) See SMART HDD.

(2) A popular tech term that implies computer driven. Technically, every computer-based device is smart (see intelligence). Following are some of the smart definitions in this encyclopedia.
 smartphone smartwatch smart speaker smart TV smart home smart appliance smart bulb smart display smart browsing smart tags smart cable smart car smart card smart city Smart Compose smart contract smart dust smartbook smart clothes smart garden smart grid smart gun smart luggage smart parking Smart Reply smart sensor smart radio

Even the Fridge Is Smart
In case you forget what's in the fridge, this Samsung unit takes a photo every time the door closes, and its contents can be viewed while in the supermarket. (Image courtesy of Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.,
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Mezvinsky, 33, was looking smart but casual in a shirt with his sleeves rolled up and a pair of smart trousers.
The 27-year-old, from Stavanger in Norway, is now in Glasgow studying a Masters in Management at Caledonian University, and knows looking smart can make a difference.
The force has been planning its operation here for more than two years, and there is a particular focus on officers looking smart and engaging with the public.
It was in sharp contrast to photos taken earlier with the squad looking smart in their suits as they boarded their flight at Luton.
HARRY John Cardwell entered the world on January 23, 2013, weighing 7lb 14oz, to Hemlington parents Collette Harkin and Marcus Cardwell STOKESLEY parents Melissa Turner and Craig Johnson welcomed Freya Johnson into the family on April 4, 2013, weighing, 8lbs 7oz JOEL Ryan Emmerson was born on August 5, 2012, weighing 6lb 5oz, to Eston parents Jamie Emmerson and Donna Clarke LOOKING smart in his shirt is Ollie Speight.
"I was obsessed with looking smart. I also went through a stage in junior high where I would wear non-prescription reading glasses.
PUPILS from Holywell High School returned from their summer break looking smart in the new school uniform, comprising a new light grey v-neck jumper, modern style tie and white shirt.
Joan is hoping to convince them that looking smart needn't break the bank, and will help to boost their self-esteem.
"We get points off our first- year teacher for wearing our uniform and looking smart," she said.