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A specification language.

["A Look at Algebraic Specifications", S.N. Zilles et al, IBM RR, 1982].



a biweekly US magazine published between 1937 and 1971 in New York City by Cowles Communication, Inc. Circulation 7,750,000 (1970).

Look printed political articles, interviews, fiction, and illustrated essays on literature, art, and science; much space was devoted to entertainment features. Look discontinued publication because of financial difficulties.

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The executive team looks forward to working with Frank as we bring webSCOR.
He has been responsible for repeatedly building relatively minor brands into major category players and I know he looks forward to doing it again.
CBE looks forward to building on its relationship with Symantec to offer a larger range of solutions to our existing and prospective customer base, ultimately meeting a broader set of customer needs and engaging with decision-makers at various levels in the customer organization.