loose side

loose side, slack side

The side of knife-cut wood veneer, next to the knife, which has numerous small checks as a result of the cutting operation.
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On the home stretch, Butterscotch, our Labrador-Golden Retriever mix, liked to gallop to meet me, his glistening, wild eyes all glory, until he got older and then he trotted, sauntered with alternating shoulders, and finally lay flat, panting in the shade, waiting for me to let him in by the tightly loose side door.
My spies tell me Winnie was letting loose side of stage for David's gig - he says she's a "friend", but could this be a new romance?
But it is even worse when you have to "walk with purpose" without your belt and your trousers are on the loose side.
Lauren Lovette's ankles have flexibility and strength in all the wrong places: They're loose side to side, making it easy to pronate, but too stiff to achieve a deep plie.
Pull hair into a loose side ponytail, leaving top section and sides loose.
Start with a loose side bun, then twist front pieces around a 1-inch curling iron.
Avoid going Daisy Duke by keeping shorter styles on the loose side.
It's on the slow and loose side, I reckon it gives the outside an edge, and I'm disappointed," he said.
From being a loose side early on, they became tight as a drum, with the forwards very slowly and surely taking control.
A loose side plate changes the tolerances on the meshing of the gears, which over time can result in critical failure.
Veneer roughness results in elevations on the loose side of the veneer combined with depressions on the tight side.
It looked quite elegant as it hung from my index finger, although it was a little on the loose side which meant it fitted more comfortably on my thumb.