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box stall, loose-box

In barns or stables, an individual compartment in which an animal may move about freely.
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Above the long line of coach-houses, loose-box, washhouse, bottle-room and granary stood a gilded weathervane on a bell-tower; the appIe-loft, with its stone steps and pointed roof, wore a faintly eccIesiastical air, and the spreading barns, cow-houses, wood-shed, pigsties and dog-kenneIs, the walIed kitchen garden with its stone sundial, its ample potting-shed and greenhouse suggested complacent dignity and infinite leisure.
A couple of years ago, when she shared a Cotswold loose-box with jump jockey Richard Johnson, the pair would brawl in pubs - she once had a fist fight with him and blacked his eye.
The stabling includes four loose-boxes and the all-weather manege is completely enclosed by post and rail.