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What does it mean when you dream about a purse?

Carrying a purse in a dream may signify the secret place of important possessions, which are being closely held. Losing the purse might suggest loss of power and control of possessions.

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The financial jackpot Henrik Larsson won for Celtic with his contribution to Barcelona's win over Arsenal in the Champions League Final on Wednesday has loosened the purse strings for Gordon Strachan.
Inevitably, that led fans to call for his head, but chairman Freddy Shepherd has steadfastly stood by his man so far, to the extent that he loosened the purse strings this summer and allowed Souness to take his spending on new players to pounds 50m in little over eight months.
Bruce has admitted that Blues coowner David Sullivan has 'loosened the purse strings' so that he can rebuild his squad during the January transfer window.