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common name for members of the order Psittaciformes, comprising nearly 400 species of colorful birds, pantropical in distribution, including the parakeets. Parrots have large heads and short necks, strong feet with two toes in front and two in back (facilitating climbing
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When Ruth Lee-Knight wrote The Mountie's Girl, a book about the life and loss of her daughter Lorie Gaye, she says she hoped to help other people who are grieving and to share how faith helped her family to cope.
In the former case, social cognition processes, such as judgment formation and judgment correction processes may play a role (Yzerbyt, Dardenne, & Leyens, 1998; Yzerbyt, Lories, & Dardenne, 1998).
8) Lories and coworkers have investigated the role of bone morphogenic proteins (BMPs) in enthesial pathophysiology.
Lories and lorikeets require a specialized diet of nectar and do not eat seeds or vegetables.
For example, all parrots, parakeets, macaws, lories, and cockatoos (except the budgerigar, cockatiel, peach-faced lovebird, and rose-ringed parakeet) are listed in CITES.
They are divided into groups such as cockatoos, lories, lovebirds, macaws, and parakeets.
The very things that attract people to cockatoos, cockatiels, macaws, parakeets, lories and conures, the family of birds commonly known as parrots, also make them challenging to live with.
You can hand feed the colorful lorikeets and lories from the continent of Australia.
1980) La specificite ontologique des oeuvres d'art, Lories comp.
Specific species of Psittaciformes include keas, cockatoos, cockatiels, lories, lorikeets, parrotlets, parakeets, budgerigars, rosellas, conures, lovebirds, maazons, and macaws.
Livre VI (Paris: Vrin, 1997), 185-261; Danielle Lories, "Proairesis et phronesis: des moyens et des fins," in Le sens commun et le jugement du `phronimos.
The park is host to many bird species, including collared kingfishers, wattled honeyeaters, bluecrowned lories, banded rails, and many kinds of seabirds.