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The response x(t) should be cut by a time window w(t) of duration T and multiplied by a damping function associated with the Q factor of the lossy chamber, which can be written as
The detailed study of a lossy parallel plates waveguide using the rigorous derivation of the dyadic Green's function, has been presented in [9].
As a result compression standard using DCT is termed as lossy (Gonzalez et al., 2009).
The time-dependent Maxwell's curl equations in a linear, lossy, and non-dispersive medium with permittivity [epsilon], permeability [mu], and electric conductivity [sigma] can be written as
Interestingly, in constructing proposed lossy nonlinear network we were motivated with a very interesting example of nanobioelectronics problem.
In exchange for achieving higher, lossy compression ratios, often 10:1 or greater, you accept data that is similar to but not exactly the same as the original data, hence the term lossy.
Lossy effects will be important when the interconnect-limited rise time is longer than half a bit period, or RT > 0.5 x 1/BR, with RT the interconnect limited rise time, or 10 psec/inch x Length, and BR is the signal bit rate.
The software is a beta version of the company's JPEG2000 implementation and allows software and hardware devices to compress and decompress lossless or lossy image data.
where [sigma] is the conductivity, and [b.sub.lossy] the thickness of the lossy layer.