lost property

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lost property:

see finderfinder,
in law. Ordinarily the finder of lost property is entitled to retain it against anyone except the owner. It is larceny, however, for the finder to keep the property if he knows or can easily determine who owns it.
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Mike Johnson, station manager with responsibility for lost property, said: "What never ceases to amaze me is how sentimentally attached people are about things that, to anybody else, would seem worthless.
PHOTO | MWANGI NDIRANGU | NATION MEDIA GROUP"I have lost property worth Sh500,000, including certificates, school books and uniforms, clothes and household goods.
During her 11 years sorting and reuniting owners with their lost property, Gill Miles has come across wooden legs, rubber dinghies, drugs, violins, Tiffany jewellery, the skin of a tarantula and thousands of bags.
Inside the lost property office at Newport railway station with Gill Miles, lost property administrator Rob Browne
They tried several times to get through to lost property at Livingston but said nobody answered.
They hope eagle-eyed readers will recognise their little one's furry friends and claim them back from the airport's lost property office.
Owner of Lost Property, Som Emadi, says good managers are hard to come by - and it's down to long, "family un-friendly" hours staff are expected to work.
And, by using our special hashtag of #FINDMEARRIVA we can ensure our dedicated customer service teams can monitor feeds, respond and hopefully return lost property faster than they ever could previously.
Tenders are invited for A list of 06 old and used scraped two-wheelers have been received from various station at Lost Property Office, Parcel Depot, Grant Road.
A prosthetic limb, a Christmas pudding and a Danger Mouse costume were among the items filed under "baffling" at Wimbledon's lost property office in previous years.
Lost Property opened its doors in John William Street, appropriately near St George's Square, at the end of May.
The small shoulder bag, containing a designer purse with around PS40 cash, could not be found at the lost property office.