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(MIT) 1. To fail. A program loses when it encounters an exceptional condition or fails to work in the expected manner.

2. To be exceptionally unesthetic or crocky.

3. Of people, to be obnoxious or unusually stupid (as opposed to ignorant).

4. Refers to something that is losing, especially in the phrases "That's a lose!" and "What a lose!"
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The research also revealed: |Sleep deprivation is the most stressful challenge about becoming a parent, second only to worries about children's health | 21% of new parents have taken a day off work in order to catch up on lost sleep, and |Children not following a TIRED OF IT Parents are suffering "bath, book, bed" routine are less relaxed at bedtime, get up more often during the night and get fed more frequently.
The study is the first to show opposite effects of lost sleep on diabetes risk in men and women.
I read with interest the article titled 'Just half hour of lost sleep can lead to weight gain'.
Fifty per cent of those surveyed lost sleep over legal issues.
Washington, Oct 10 ( ANI ): People sacrifice sleep during the workweek to make time for other demands, then snooze longer on the weekends to recoup that lost sleep.
The top appeals court sentenced four people in Sicily to two months in jail because they refused to keep their 10 dogs quiet at night despite complaints from neighbours who had repeatedly picked a bone with the owners over lost sleep.
Extra hours in bed may be crucial to help busy workers recover from lost sleep during the week.
Basso gets a general 20-1 quote for the Tour de France but market leader Alberto Contador is unlikely to have lost sleep watching the Italian's success.