lost tribes

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lost tribes,

10 Israelite tribes that, according to the Bible, were transported to Assyria by Tiglathpileser III or Shalmaneser after the conquest of IsraelIsrael
[as understood by Hebrews,=he strives with God], according to the book of Genesis, name given to Jacob as eponymous ancestor of the Hebrews, the chosen people of God.
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 in 722 B.C. Numerous conjectures have been advanced as to the fate of these tribes: they have been identified with the people of Arabia, India, Ethiopia, and America (North, Central, South) and with other groups, including the Nestorians of Mesopotamia, the Afghans, the high-caste Hindus, and the holy Shindai class of Japan. The Anglo-Israelite theory identifies the English people with the lost tribes; it was, in the 17th cent., a factor in helping the Jews to reenter England. The identification of the Native North Americans with the 10 lost tribes figured in the writings of the early New England Christian theologians.
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At noon I will give an updated Lost Tribes presentation revealing my favourite street stories and photo images.
Since then, there have been various contexts in which connections between the Gogodala ancestors and the Lost Tribes of Israel have been foregrounded.
Did you know there are 75 to 90 million descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel alive today who are mixed in with the 2.
I am very optimistic that within the next few weeks we will at last have a historic breakthrough which will allow the lost tribe of Bnei Menashe to return to Zion," Michael Freund, founder and chairman of Shavei Israel, a Jerusalem-based organisation that has been at the forefront of Bnei Menashe immigration to Israel, was quoted as saying.
The tribes throughout the world who have claimed to be one of the ten lost tribes frequently do not, of course, overlap with the ten lost tribes claimed by Jewish history, but this only adds to the conceptual complexity of the ten lost tribes.
Some leading Israeli anthropologists believe that, of all the many groups in the world who claim a connection to the 10 lost tribes, the Pashtuns, or Pathans, have the most compelling case.
Tales of the Ten Lost Tribes sings like John Updike's first novel The Poorhouse Fair.
The Lemba: A Lost Tribe of Israel in Southern Africa?
This is a major historical event," he said, "because these members of a lost tribe of Israel can return home after 27 centuries.
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The pairing of a painter with an archaeologist produces a wonderful blend of scholarship and visual color displays: whether using Florida's Lost Tribes as an art library addition or a survey of Florida culture, it's a unique acquisition indeed.