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Lout is a batch text formatting system and an embedded language by Jeffrey H. Kingston <jeff@cs.su.oz.au>. The language is procedural, with Scribe-like syntax.

Lout features equation formatting, tables, diagrams, rotation and scaling, sorted indexes, bibliographic databases, running headers and odd-even pages and automatic cross-referencing. Lout is easily extended with definitions which are very much easier to write than troff of TeX macros because Lout is a high-level language, the outcome of an eight-year research project that went back to the beginning.

Version 2.05 includes a translator from Lout to PostScript and documentation. and runs under Unix and on the Amiga.

Author's site, ftp://ftp.uu.net/tmp/lout.tar.Z. Amiga.
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North Wales BTP Sergeant Andy Hemmings said there had been an increase in loutish behaviour and vandalism.
Whether it's fireworks,muggings, theft, vandalism or plain loutish behaviour, the misery inflicted on the decent law-abiding people of Merseyside is unacceptable and it's getting worse.
A pal said: "Dani is sick of his loutish behaviour.
I AGREE with the many comments about the loutish behaviour of certain `fans'.
CCTV footage was shown to magistrates yesterday of a 40-year-oldman's loutish behaviour after he left a train at Llandudno Junction.
ALCOHOL-FREE zones are to be created to combat loutish behaviour in west Wirral.
He added: "I will deal with this matter under the Probation Act if he pays EUR1,000 to the Garda Benevolent Fund because gardai have taken the brunt of this type of loutish behaviour.
You don't even have to make a point of watching it these days,as it takes priority in the news headlines -especially football with its loutish,infantile behaviour on and off the field.
The council wants to put an end to the increasing problem of gangs bringing misery to communities with loutish and violent behaviour, much of it blamed on drink.
APOLOGIES to the US golf fans at Oakland Hills who I suggested last week would mar the Ryder Cup with loutish behaviour.
The Lancashire officers met with Chief of Faliraki police, Captain Them is Kalamatas, to discuss operation Nightsafe, launched in Blackpool earlier this year, which has curbed loutish behaviour.