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Lout is a batch text formatting system and an embedded language by Jeffrey H. Kingston <jeff@cs.su.oz.au>. The language is procedural, with Scribe-like syntax.

Lout features equation formatting, tables, diagrams, rotation and scaling, sorted indexes, bibliographic databases, running headers and odd-even pages and automatic cross-referencing. Lout is easily extended with definitions which are very much easier to write than troff of TeX macros because Lout is a high-level language, the outcome of an eight-year research project that went back to the beginning.

Version 2.05 includes a translator from Lout to PostScript and documentation. and runs under Unix and on the Amiga.

Author's site, ftp://ftp.uu.net/tmp/lout.tar.Z. Amiga.
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I don't believe a tiny deposit of 10p would have any effect on the litter louts.
But campaigners slammed them as a cheap gimmick, saying they give the green light to litter louts.
WHY are we a nation of litter louts with no respect for our environment or other people?
Western European countries are clean and tidy and don't appear to suffer litter louts gladly.
Longer-term, they argue the stuff should be biodegradable, because you'll never stop lazy gum louts spitting it out into the street for others to walk on.
Louts and morons will - if they get the chance - hurl abuse at each other and punch each other wherever they find themselves.
Litter louts tarnish our country I QUITE agree with Mike Butler's comments about litter louts.
I was dismayed, though I must admit, not surprised, to read how Menna Richards' day at the Principality Stadium was ruined recently by drunken louts.
And all of our journalists and politicians who think they have done their duty by offering some routine verbal condemnations would do well to explore the matter a little more deeply, and look for their own responsibilities in the aggressive behaviour of the louts.
RE: The crackdown on litter louts (Telegraph, May 19).
NEVER mind targeting litter louts, what about targeting people who throw chewing gum onto pavements?