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What does it mean when you dream about a lover?

To see a beautiful lover in one’s dream is a special gift to one’s inner self. It signifies acceptance of self-worth and acknowledgment of one’s true inner value.

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it be loverly "if only the sandals and the pistachio-colored shirts
In view of the fact that 1996 is an election year, and a presidential election year at that, wouldn't it be loverly, to borrow a phrase from "My Fair Lady," if all concerned--candidates, spokespersons, commentators, and ordinary citizens--could resist the temptation to get down and dirty and be civil instead?
With cost control as the sine qua non of service delivery (Greene, Loverly, & Ondrich, 1993), there has been a failure to recognize that problems confronting elders and other populations with complex service needs, may be exacerbated by the unintended consequences of cost-containment efforts (Brandon, 1992), including efforts to administratively streamline services provided to a given population.
The show includes great songs like Wouldn't It Be Loverly and I'm Getting Married In The Morning.
Although she looks a bit grumpy, she's loverly and purry and soft and a bit of a slapper, as my better half, who professes to be a cat hater, has been totally taken in by her.
Hits from the show include On The Street Where You Live, Wouldn't It Be Loverly and I Could've Danced All Night.
Not to be outdone, Allan Wellhausen (letters, July 4) trumps the hybrid crowd with his elitist letter about electric vehicles, claiming a $5,000 per year savings in gasoline cost - and wouldn't it be loverly if everyone should live like him?
As Eliza, the common flower girl transformed into a proper lady in the original Faking It story, she gets to wear an abundance of fancy frocks and sing some timeless classics including I Could've Danced All Night and Wouldn't It Be Loverly.
She tackles the classics numbers like Wouldn't It Be Loverly and Just You Wait Henry Higgins with not wonderful attack but an understanding of the character - it is an acting as well as a singing performance.
The score contains hit after hit, including The Rain in Spain, I Could Have Danced All Night, Get Me to the Church on Time, One the Street Where You Live and Wouldn't It Be Loverly.
She sinks to an all-time low as she turns EastEnder again for Wouldn't It Be Loverly, a travesty of the original.
Loverly loverly evening loverly tuh be here loverly tuh be here with you with all of you thank you very much.