low earth orbit

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low Earth orbit

(LEO) An orbit around the Earth of a satellite, etc., at an altitude of less than 5500 km.

low earth orbit

(LEO) The kind of orbit used by communications satellites that will offer high bandwidth for video on demand, television, and Internet communications. A satellite in LEO, in contrast to one in a geostationary orbit, is not in a fixed position relative to the Earth's surface so several satellites are required to provide continuous service.

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While in low Earth orbit, the electronic systems of the Sprites will be tested.
The investment in LeoSat and the agreement to jointly market this new system allows SJC to pursue new business opportunities in the data and mobility markets in sectors such as telecommunications, multinational enterprise, maritime and government services by providing previously unavailable levels of network performance combined with worldwide reach and allows the company to further study the additional applications of low earth orbit communications in pursuit of its global ambitions.
Under the agreement Space Adventures will market passenger seats on commercial flights aboard a Boeing Crew Space Transportation-100 spacecraft to low Earth orbit destinations.
After nearly six years in low Earth orbit, LDEF was retrieved in January 1990 by the shuttle Columbia.
The part identification markings and tags -- which remain readable after exposure to the extreme levels of ultraviolet radiation, atomic oxygen, hard vacuum, and contamination in low earth orbit -- will be evaluated and then certified for use on future space vehicles and added to NASA's part identification requirements.
The study divided the missions into segments, for example Earth launch to low Earth orbit (LEO) and to Geo Transfer Orbit (GTO), LEO and GTO to Lunar orbit, Lunar orbit to landing, takeoff to Lunar orbit, Lunar orbit to LEO, and return to Earth from LEO.
NEW YORK -- 2-Track Global today announced it had successfully completed the final trial for its land-based Starfish product that tracks vehicles and assets via low earth orbit satellites in territories where no cellular-based networks are available.
HOUSTON -- SPACEHAB, Incorporated (NASDAQ/NMS:SPAB), a leading provider of commercial space services, announced at a press conference near the shuttle launch pad in Cape Canaveral, Florida that the Company has initiated development of a fully commercial roundtrip delivery service to low earth orbit and beyond.
today announced that it has entered into commercial contract with OrbComm Asia Limited, the satellite data communications company that offers data communication and transmission services via its satellite subscriber communications and low earth orbit satellites.
NASA's need for routine, safe and affordable access to the International Space Station and its proposed Crew Exploration Vehicle, and other possible, future government and commercial low Earth orbit destinations could be incorporated into this project.
Designed and built by SpaceDev for the University of California, Berkeley under a NASA-funded contract and launched in 2003, CHIPSat has been operating successfully in low earth orbit for over two years.
Tallan, one of the country's leading technology firms, has completed a Web site redesign project for ORBCOMM, a wireless telecommunications company with a network of 30 Low Earth Orbit satellites.