low frequency

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low frequency (LF)

low frequency (LF)
Frequencies lying between 30 and 300 kHz. These, along with medium frequencies, are used mainly for nondirectional beacons (NDB). The aeronautical allocation for NDBs covers part of both bands from 200 to 420 kHz.
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Key Words: Low frequency noise (LFN), periodontal ligament (PDL).
Study on the effects of infra- and low frequency sound on the sleep by EEG recordings.
Oil extraction experiments were performed by using low frequency vibration experimental apparatus, conical flask, sands, surfactant solution etc.
From this Fourier Series decomposition, it is possible to define flicker in terms of low frequency signal components that may be of health risk concern.
Advice from the Low Frequency Noise Sufferers' Association could set you straight.
In this paper, DFB and Fabry-Perot (FP) laser performance are compared, demonstrating how low frequency noise can be translated up to a higher modulation frequency, and how fiber dispersion enhances noise.
In this phenomenon, subjects recall high frequency words better than low frequency words, while recognizing low frequency words more accurately than high frequency words (Shepard, 1967).
The considerable and growing interest in the phenomena of low frequency noise and vibration and their powerful effects on man, animals and the environment, spreads across several disciplines; studies of these topics are to be found at present in the periodical literature of acoustics, geophysics, architecture, civil and mechanical engineering, psychology and zoology.
Contract Awarded for Electric traction device 1 set; External shock wave treatment instrument 1 set; Nerve and muscle stimulation physiotherapy instrument 2 set; Low frequency therapeutic apparatus 1 set; Lower limb circulation promotion device 2 set; Low frequency therapy instrument 1 set; Microwave therapy instrument 1 set; Interference type low frequency therapeutic apparatus 1 set; Ultrasonic treatment instrument 1 set; Multi - joint constant velocity test training system 1 set;
ONE of the best kept secrets of the wind farm industry is the health damage from noise, especially low frequency intermittent humming.
The low frequency roll-off point of the signal gain curve was tuned to 0.
PLLs have a jitter transfer function that passes low frequency jitter while attenuating high frequency jitter.