low frequency

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(1) See line feed.

(2) (Low Frequency) A range of radio frequencies from 30 to 300,000 Hz. The LF band is used for atomic clock time signals, amateur radio in various parts of the world, submarine communications, ground-based navigation and other radio-based systems.

With regard to audio, low-frequency waves are typically under 800 Hz. See frequency bands, high frequency, VHF, UHF and spectrum.
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low frequency (LF)

low frequency (LF)
Frequencies lying between 30 and 300 kHz. These, along with medium frequencies, are used mainly for nondirectional beacons (NDB). The aeronautical allocation for NDBs covers part of both bands from 200 to 420 kHz.
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Appropriate adjustment of this length can satisfy the low frequency band (698 MHz) within the LTE700 operation band.
Overall there was significant difference when comparing groups A (normal environment), B (silent group), and C (low frequency noise exposed) regarding arrangement of Periodontal ligament fibers, thickness of the ligament, thickness of wall of blood vessels and destruction of alveolar bone.
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Hence, the drop in low frequency is much earlier compared with System 2 which has MIO-based intermediate coat and high-durability topcoat applied at a thickness of ~200 [mu]m.
Since the 1990's high-frequency electronic ballast specifications and replacements primarily based on energy efficiency have essentially eliminated low frequency flicker from most workplaces.
All three make use of low-noise electronics in conjunction with the force balance principle to make it possible to measure in the low frequency micro-g range.
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