low-light TV

low-light-level television

low-light-level television
A vidicon tube with multiplier tubes that gives a useful picture in near darkness. This image-intensifier system is actively used in the armed forces. The system has an excellent night optical capability. Also known as low-light TV.
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In addition to a laser rangefinder, thermal imager and a High-Definition Colour Television (HDTV) camera the AOS includes a low-light TV camera.
Thales is currently developing a low-profile variant of the CM010 with the same functionality and a sensor suite comprising HDTV, a thermal imager and low-light TV or a laser range finder, intended for specific missions or for smaller SSKs.
The system also offers identification friend-or-foe (IFF) interrogation and low-light TV target-tracking capabilities.
The twin pods under the nose of the G and H models are for the Forward-Looking Infrared Radar and Low-Light TV sensors that are part of the Electrooptical Viewing System.
The millimeter-wave Radar-Enhanced Vision System serves as the primary sensor, exploiting the characteristics of dust, suspended water, and atmospheric transmission to generate an image that, when fused with information provided by the infrared and low-light TV systems, provides a robust, redundant capability.
Star SAFIRE III is available with up to six optional payloads, including a four-field-of-view (FOV) infrared (IR) sensor, image-intensified CCD (I2), three-chip CCD spotter, low-light TV, laser rangefinder, and laser pointer or wide beam laser illuminator.
A New Low-Light TV Camera, New Laser Illuminator Option, An Enhanced
When coupled with its 4X electronic zoom, the new low-light TV camera with 18X optical zoom delivers an effective magnification of 72X, further extending the imaging range during daylight hours.
Fitted with the appropriate intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) equipment, including low-light TVs, search-and-rescue materiel, and packages for cell-phone intercepts, sky cops could provide more comprehensive and persistent coverage.