low-light TV

low-light-level television

low-light-level television
A vidicon tube with multiplier tubes that gives a useful picture in near darkness. This image-intensifier system is actively used in the armed forces. The system has an excellent night optical capability. Also known as low-light TV.
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In addition to a laser rangefinder, thermal imager and a High-Definition Colour Television (HDTV) camera the AOS includes a low-light TV camera.
Thales is currently developing a low-profile variant of the CM010 with the same functionality and a sensor suite comprising HDTV, a thermal imager and low-light TV or a laser range finder, intended for specific missions or for smaller SSKs.
The fully digital Sea Dragon (Russian designation: Morskoy Zmey) encompasses a new synthetic-aperture/inverse-synthetic-aperture radar located in a canoe fairing on the belly, a high-resolution forward-looking infrared sensor, a low-light TV camera, a new electronic-support-measures system, and a magnetic-anomaly detector in the aft section of the aircraft.
The twin pods under the nose of the G and H models are for the Forward-Looking Infrared Radar and Low-Light TV sensors that are part of the Electrooptical Viewing System.
A typical example of a single-sensor turret would be the original Wescam (now L-3 Wescam) Model 12, which could be fitted with a daylight colour TV camera, a low-light TV camera or a thermal imager.
The system also offers identification friend-or-foe (IFF) interrogation and low-light TV target-tracking capabilities.
Fitted with the appropriate intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) equipment, including low-light TVs, search-and-rescue materiel, and packages for cell-phone intercepts, sky cops could provide more comprehensive and persistent coverage.